Renewable Media – Promoting the Energy of the Future

Welcome to the Renewable Media website. Renewable Media is a company based in Switzerland which provides high-quality services for communications and outreach for companies, organizations and individuals involved or interested in the renewable energy sector.

There is no faster growing market in Europe than renewable energy. Not only will it dominate electricity production by the end of the 2020s, it will provide much-needed alternatives to fossil fuels and nuclear power in the road, building and industrial sectors.

We are experts in media communications. We write and translate content for websites, corporate communications, and social marketing outreach. We also design and build websites and digital marketing systems for organizations serious about getting their message across to the audience that matters.

We specialise in the renewable energy market. We work with environmental scientists who are experts in this field, and we see it as the most dynamic field in Europe for the next decades.

We also believe renewable energy is vital for the safe-keeping of our planet and ensuring the future of our children. If you think these are just words, please look through the information about us on this and our other websites to see how deep and long our commitment to environmental protection has been.

The Ouarzazate Solar Power Station, Morocco, will generate 580MW when completed