reaching a broader
and relevant audience

We provide two OutReach Services:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a dynamic and effective way of establishing your presence in the marketplace. We analyse your needs, and write technical and journalistic articles about you and your activities. These are translated and collocated on strategic sites within our network, in Switzerland, Germany and anywhere you think is strategically valuable for you. This is a powerful way to promote your company, enhance your image and internet presence, and to provide links to your site form authoritative sources, building your SEO performance.

Our basic price is Fr. 600.00 per article, including one translation and related allocations.

Social Media Management

Our OutReach service includes a package of technologies and licensed content tailored to your specific needs. It provides an inexpensive way for a website to obtain credibility and authority through high-quality, relevant content, links from external websites, social media communications, and participation in a growing network based on renewable energy.

All organizations have websites. Most of these are basic, using a template such as WordPress. The look and functionality of these sites are fairly similar. That is the easy part. The potential of a site depends not on internal factors so much as how the site interacts with the online community. This is the hard part, and the part most organizations do not do very well, if at all.

There are millions of Twitter followers and thousands of Tweet writers in every industrial and commercial sector. Renewable energy is no exception. Thousands, if not millions of messages 160 characters long pour out at an exhausted audience every day. What was a cheap and easy way two years ago to gain an audience rapidly and cheaply has become saturated. To get established in the Tweet-o-sphere today is ever harder and time-consuming, requiring ever more knowledge and practice in the tricks of the social media trade.

This is why we offer this unique service specifically for renewable energy related companies and organizations: we install a customised social media system on your website, with easy-to-use interfaces for you to use. The system is based on monthly Newsletters supported by a Twitter system.

We set up a system on your website, which will guarantee a regular output of informative Tweets and Newsletters. These contain information from a database we set up for you, such as upcoming events related to your activities, as well as specially written material, such as technology developments, announcements, events, biographical texts about staff members, and others. Then there is the means for any current news to be added. We provide a year’s worth of standing content for 12 newsletters and 24 Tweets (x2 a month). You can add more to these at any time.

If you choose, we can manage your Twitter and Newsletter accounts for you – ensuring quality, finding and keeping followers and recipients, expanding your reach to a relevant audience.


  1. Installation: Fr. 500.00. We install our custom social media and newsletter system on your website. The service includes interfaces for your use, databases for content, logs, and integration of these services with the site as a whole.
  2. Content: A year’s worth of Tweets and newsletter base content, set up to ensure the newsletters and Tweets can go out regularly, even you do not have time to add to them: Fr. 500.00
  3. Management of Twitter account: Fr. 500.00. For the contract duration, we track and enhance the performance of your Twitter account, making sure you are reaching the right audience with effective messages.
  4. Management of Newsletter system: Fr. 500.00. For the contract duration, we manage your newsletters, maximising the response and benefits you receive.