Website Development and Management Services

Renewable Media is specialised in the renewable energy sector. It provides media communications services for companies, organizations, NGOs and individuals which seek to enhance the presentation of their activities, both on their websites, and in the online community. Our services include the upgrading of website function and content to provide the solid basis to guarantee success through social media and other promotional systems.

    We provide the following services:
  • Original design and development of a multi-functional website to match your needs.
  • Translations of website content and social media materials into any number of languages by technically-qualified specialists.
  • Custom plug-ins and functionality specially designed by us for media communications in the renewable energy marketplace.
  • Website SEO, performance monitoring, and social media management.
  • We will study your website and your stated requirements, and make our proposals and offer. To give you an idea of costs, here are three levels of standard Website Service contracts:

    1. Revision Service
      The Revision Service retains the existing website architecture, but makes improvements to content, including translations where appropriate.
    • Consultation and project proposal.
    • Enhancement to site, with incorporation of new texts, translations and graphics.
    • Guideline price: Fr. 100.00 per page/language.
    2. New Site Service
      Often it is faster and cheaper to create a new site:
    • Consultation, with design proposals.
    • All existing texts are reworked and translated into German/English, and other nominated languages.
    • New material and sections are developed, and integrated into your website. Inclusion of social media, charts, images, AV, SEO.
    • Extra functionality can be added. We have a number of inexpensive plug-ins developed especially for websites involved with the renewable energy industry.
    • Guideline price: Fr. 1500.00
    3. Site Management Service
      The Site Management Service comprises:
    • SEO and site performance monitoring for one year.
    • Access to our extensive renewable energy and science databases, to provide streaming of high-quality and up-to-date material relevant to your activities. Such functions include market news, technology developments, upcoming events, quizzes, directories of organizations and people, and much more.
    • Guideline price: Fr. 2000.00 p.a.